Striking Out in the New Year

Striking Out in the New Year

We’re at the end of one year and start of the next. Which means that enduring tradition is upon us: making and upholding (with varying degrees of success) New Year’s resolutions.

Often, our resolutions are simple: shed a few pounds. Write more ‘thank you’ notes. Learn a new recipe or two. But for those with big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, why not try a resolution that’s a bit more ambitious?

Many among us harbor the desire to strike out on our own and launch our own small business (that, with hard work, will hopefully blossom into a medium- or large-scale business). But uncertainty often prevents these desires from becoming more than daydreams.

Why not change that in 2017? Here are four reasons for kicking off a career where you’re the founder:

  • You’ll be in good company. According to the Unites States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, entrepreneurship has been on the rise since 2010. That’s a good thing — for the entrepreneurs and national economy both. These new business embolden the labor market, drive competition, and create new jobs.


  • Staff a winning team. Colleagues can be the best part of a job — but also the worst. When chemistry is lacking or personalities clash in the workplace, success suffers: deadlines are misses, customers are dissatisfied. Now, imagine hand-picking all those who work around you. Enticing, right? When you’re at the helm, you’re empowered to select the people and personalities that best suit you.
  • Strike the perfect work-life balance. First, let’s be clear: Working for yourself doesn’t mean not working. Without that dependable, twice-a-month paycheck, the pressure is on to perform and provide. But you’re also free from the 9-5 workday. As your own boss, set a schedule that accommodates your life. Suddenly, starting later or stepping out midday is perfectly OK


Some of us use resolutions to change smaller things in our life, such as shedding extra pounds or promptly sending out creative thank you notes. But this year it just may be time to think big with a life changing decision.  Like breaking away and starting the business you have been envisioning for years.