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The management of large scale contract labor needs is complicated. Three primary stakeholders each have a share of voice:  company staff, staffing vendors, and the contract staff themselves. The result is a delicate balance of efforts aimed at maximizing cost savings, minimizing attrition, gaining rapid access to talent, and maintaining staffing vendor engagement…and compliance! SDI’s MSPs deliver all of these benefits, and more.


Counterintuitively, slashing worker pay rates or supplier markups often undermines cost savings efforts. Smart SDI strategy bolsters productivity and minimizes attrition.

Talent access

SDI’s MSP’s primary goal is to provide the right candidates, quickly. With right-sized and well-managed pools of staffing suppliers, job orders are filled efficiently.

Future focus

Our processes not only hit today’s productivity, savings, and compliance targets, but also blend in industry and market trend analysis to help futureproof operations.
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Delivering value and reducing workloads

SDI’s MSP delivers value because it is tailored to mesh with our customers’ inherent methodologies. Prior to deployment, SDI’s project teams review current processes at customer sites, catalogue the requirements of the program, and then design the MSP around customer-specific workflows. This results in programs that are—upon installation—immediately and seamlessly able to focus on the quality of services provided, and not the transition or redefining of procedures.

SDI has provided us with full-stack labor solution that allowed us to consolidate our contingent, freelancer and T&M headcount into a single, automated platform on multiple continents.

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