Business Process Outsourcing

Customized models delivering sustainable benefits.
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Delivering customized creation and sustainable value

Fortune 1000 Customers have realized the importance of strong relationships with BPO providers such as SDI to complement their strategic procurement offerings to ensure effective design and execution of service delivery.

Specialized models

Sometimes, a full procurement program isn’t needed. Many organizations benefit from SDI’s modular BPO offerings that solve functional or project-based challenges.

ERP agnostic

Enterprise Resource Planning tools flood the market, and SDI doesn’t play favorites. Our processes overlay wide-ranging ERPs and manage wide-ranging commodities.

Global focus

Our customers operate and buy across the globe, so SDI’s processes and teams have been built to deliver success regardless of geography, language, or currency.

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SDI’s Procurement focused BPO offerings can be customized for the specific needs of our customers. Our models support and complement delivery methodologies and practices that integrate, process and reduce risk to create sustainable benefits and value for customers.

SDI’s SMEs helped implement new technology and process changes that allowed our procurement organization to move to a new platform - on time.

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