SDI’s Carmen Castillo to be Keynote speaker at Women’s Summit

Carmen Castillo, President and CEO of SDI International will be a keynote speaker at the Women Who Lead (WWL) summit, which will be held on February 3rd at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Organized by Frances Rios, the creator and curator of the Women Who Lead Program, this summit, attended by successful, global and regional multinational women entrepreneurs and executives, is a cooperative effort to help women executives and womenpreneurs achieve their professional zenith.

Moderated by WWL advisory board members Olga Ramos (General Manager, Sam’s Club), Katherine Gonzalez, Esq. (Capital Partner, Ferraiuoli Law), Carmen Taveras (Founder, Tolic Insurance), Camalis Flores – VP Sales MCS Insurance), as well as Manuel Bermudez – President, AON Puerto Rico, the summit will also serve as a collaborative venue for business leaders to share best practices and advance women’s advocacy in leading companies.

Joining Ms. Castillo as keynote speakers are Ligia Bonetti (Executive President, MercaSID) and James Simmons (GM, Unilever Caribe).  Accompanied by her colleagues, Ms. Castillo will co-host a panel of opportunity to discuss an extensive range of subject matter further enabling attendees to develop and enhance their organizations. Topics include, but are not limited to: managing and harmonizing generational gaps in companies; time management; overcoming career and business challenges; and the dangers of the glass ceiling / Boy’s Club temperament prevalent in many businesses.

On a more personal and individual note, Ms. Castillo, will share how she realized over a billion dollars in revenue management and the sacrifices she made to become successful.

This “Becoming a Gamechanger” event can be followed at @FrancesRios or #WWL16.