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At a Glance

SDI is one of the largest diversity and woman-owned procurement outsourcing program (POP) providers in the world specializing in managing and optimizing non-strategic spend. We have become a leading procurement and business process outsourcing provider primarily to Fortune 1000 companies. Leveraging our international network of offices and operations centers, our procurement-focused integrator programs have been delivering sustainable value and hard cost savings to our customers for over 25 years.

At SDI we believe that it is far more effective to develop innovative, inclusive programs and products that sell themselves, and instill confidence in the potential customer. That way, they know that you will get the job done better and at less cost than someone else.

Carmen Castillo, Owner & President of SDI

Innovative and scalable procurement programs

Our Source-to-Pay (S2P), Procure-to-Pay (P2P), and Source-to-Contract (S2C) delivery models were designed to support the needs of our Fortune 500 customers.

These delivery models are embedded in our automated managed services platform (MSP) that supports labor, services and goods spend on an enterprise level.

U.S. Locations

Boca Raton, Florida
SDI International Corp

800.850.4222 (toll free) 561.288.4079 (direct)

Atlanta, Georgia
SDI International Corp.

Austin, Texas
SDI International Corp.

Boston, Massachusetts
SDI International Corp.

Buffalo, New York
SDI International Corp.

Cary, North Carolina
SDI International Corp.

Chicago, Illinois
SDI International Corp.

New York, New York
SDI International Corp.

Phoenix, Arizona
SDI International Corp.

San Jose, California
SDI International Corp.

Seattle, Washington
SDI International Corp.

Global Locations

Bangalore, India
SDI Business Services India Private Limited

Beijing, China
SDI Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Limited

Bratislava, Slovakia
Superior SDI Slovakia s.r.o.

Brussels, Belgium
Superior SDI BVBA

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Superior SDI SRL

Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
SDI SA Solutions (Pty) Limited

Grenoble, France
SDI Procurement Solutions SARL

London, United Kingdom
Superior SDI Limited

Madrid, Spain
SDI Business Solutions S.L.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Superior Design International, Inc.

San Pedro Garza, Mexico
SDI Procurement Solutions SA de CV

Warsaw, Poland
Superior SDI Poland sp z.o.o.