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Diversity, Equity,

We celebrate diversity as a
competitive engine for our clients.

At SDI, we make
a difference.

Action is what defines us.
We know that talking about diversity is not enough. We help large companies expand their supplier network and increase their spend with diverse suppliers; we ensure our customers extract value from a competitive, diverse supply chain.

Equity and
Inclusivity are core
to SDI’s culture.

Through our diversity projects, we partner with many organizations to encourage innovation and boost market growth, supporting diverse and inclusive-owned businesses.
Our objective is to reshape the business environment to ensure we generate a net positive social impact.
By providing mentorship and robust vendor development programs, we aim to improve the playing field, ensuring that every business, regardless of its background or size, has an opportunity to thrive in the marketplace.

We are a women-owned business.

‘Inclusion and diversity is core to our cultural development. As a woman and minority-owned business, SDI believes that creating diverse and inclusive supply chain ecosystems is essential to driving innovation, growth, and value.
Carmen Castillo
Owner and President of SDI

What does DEI
mean to SDI?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are integral to our company’s identity and have been rooted in our core values from day one.
Our mission is to make our workplace welcoming for everyone, build teams that embody our dedication to diversity, and support communities to improve their social impact.
It’s the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

Our success
is built together.

A simple truth is at the heart of our philosophy: when diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences come together, something special will happen.
At SDI, we cultivate an inclusive culture where employees feel a deep sense of belonging, no matter where they come from or what makes them unique.

It's not just a company.
It's #LifeAtSDI.

As we grow, we keep working on this mission. Like any ambitious business, we measure what truly counts, set goals, and remain committed to being accountable. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are paramount and receive no exception from our rigorous evaluation.
Women in a
management position

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