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Published March 30, 2024


Client faced a dual challenge: fostering supplier diversity in alignment with their inclusivity goals, and refining expenditure efficiency within the ‘Professional Services’ category. SDI’s task was to introduce partners capable of supporting diverse supplier engagement while strategically streamlining the supplier network to enhance cost-effectiveness and ensure top-notch service.

Solution success:

Supplier Consolidation: SDI streamlined the client’s supplier base by consolidating the initial suppliers list, resulting in a 30% immediate supplier reduction within the first three months of the program, resulting in a more organized and efficient supplier network.
Diversity Goals: SDI ensured that all spending funneled through their system contributed to the Client’s diversity objectives, creating a more inclusive supplier ecosystem.
Service Quality Enhancement: A sophisticated ticketing system improved communication between the client, suppliers, and job candidates. Generative AI technology optimized self-service and support processes, enhancing the customer experience and agent productivity.
Procurement Excellence: SDI provided the Client with a dedicated technology team, ensuring seamless execution, efficient supplier management, and optimal system utilization.
Cost Savings: Despite economic challenges, SDI negotiated favorable terms and identified cost-efficient sourcing options, delivering prices below the Client’s pre-inflation benchmarks.


Tickets resolved by our support team in the first six months of the program
Supplier base reduction
If had to give it a rate, I would say 10 out of 10. Any questions that we had were answered immediately.
Technical Program Manager within Client Global Tech

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