Diversity is good

Diversity is good. Whether you’re talking about clients, employees, tactics or something else entirely, diversity ensures a rich mix of experience and opinions. And that means better intelligence and results. Consider this: If you were buying a house or mulling a major new investment, wouldn’t you seek out wisdom from a variety of confidants, rather […]

What happened?

What happened? A history question: what do the years 1776, 1849 and 1920 have in common? These are 3 among many key dates in women’s history. In 1776 soon-to-be first lady Abigail Adams requests that her husband, John, “remember the ladies” as they were framing the Constitution; 1849 saw Elizabeth Blackwell become the first woman […]

Your daily life is ultimately… a supply chain process

For our team at SDI, process re-engineering is in our DNA – it is an imperative to ensure we remain effective and efficient and adapt swiftly to changes in the global marketplace. The supply chain process can be particularly complex when considering the countless components inherent to running a dynamic global business. Not surprisingly, the […]

Communities…varied and decisively integral

Perhaps the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” might be re-purposed to reflect the support budding entrepreneurs welcome upon starting a new venture. Conceivably, it takes a community to cultivate a business. To loosely paraphrase a recent commentary from Inc., the magazine responsible for chronicling growing companies, Community is a must have […]

The responsibility of being responsible

Home, work, family, community… all requiring changeable degrees of obligation and responsibility, depending on the role played in each, by individuals. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the term responsibility can be interpreted as either, “a duty or task that you are required or expected to do” or “something that you should do because it is […]

Outsourcing could be in your future

When you think of communicating on social media, the likes of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram undoubtedly come to mind.  When you think of boosting your mobile data speed, it’s Sprint, Verizon or AT&T that populate your thoughts. But what or who do you envision when you mull saving money on your business’ low dollar spend? […]

Does your supply chain see… and comply?

As the New Year began earlier this month, we acknowledged the impact of deploying supply chain best practices.  Since there was so much to share in one chapter, we saved two best practices for this installment: visibility and compliance. Visibility  Your supply chain may be fully automated end to end, resulting in robust transaction cycle […]

2015: Thinking… Smarter, and Supply Chain Best Practices

Thinking… smarter.  Perhaps a mantra for 2015? We unquestionably think so. Supply Chain best practices evolve continually, based on emerging technology, global expansion, economic activity, progression of IT platforms and network architecture, and, well the list goes on. So, with the onset of a New Year, it is perhaps time to think smarter and visit […]

Collaborating on Opposite Sides of the World

Business service provider Raúl is in Brazil chatting with Angela, who’s in Beijing. Although separated by several times zones, the team is able to put together a sales presentation for a new product – and in less than an hour. They then ship it to Michelle, in the UK, who brings it to life with […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and… Procurement???

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone but the shopping mission, or procurement, as most business organizations would say, continues. If you are conducting your own holiday shopping (as opposed to having a generous family member or loved one volunteer to do so on your behalf) or even if you like to […]