Economy boost… and then some

$1.4 trillion is quite a lot of money. And we are not referring to the U.S. National debt.  As stated by the Miami Herald, $1.4 trillion is the boost Hispanic entrepreneurship could give to the U.S. economy. First, some background. The recent 2015 State of Latino Entrepreneurship, published by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative reports […]

SDI’s Carmen Castillo to be Keynote speaker at Women’s Summit

Carmen Castillo, President and CEO of SDI International will be a keynote speaker at the Women Who Lead (WWL) summit, which will be held on February 3rd at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Organized by Frances Rios, the creator and curator of the Women Who Lead Program, this summit, attended […]

A Hand Up

“It is better to give than to receive,” is the modern translation of a New Testament quote… and an adage that has been heard repeatedly around the world by children and adults alike. Almost two thousand years later, a similar sentiment was vocalized by Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, when he […]

How Supply Chains Are Influenced by Current Events

The waning weeks of 2015 have given way to a range of big headlines and major happenings – and, consequently, made an indelible impact on supply chains around the world. From weather to banks to politics, global events have the potential to influence the way we do business – even on the smallest level. So, […]

Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving has passed and it is time to move on.  Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza are among  the joyful year-end holidays celebrated by millions as they gleefully gather with families, break bread and exchange gifts. As documented in studies, and discussed in blogs and suffered seasonally, holidays can stress even the most resilient of us. Imagine […]

Faster, better, and less expensive

Efficient and successful enterprises are often share similar characteristics; leadership, a useful value proposition and ethical practices, to name a few. Efficient organizations typically recognize the importance of investing in innovative technologies to automate business processes. Developing a business case, calculating the time and cost of labor in executing critical processes, and evaluating the outcome […]

Saving money

How effective is your sourcing strategy? For those of us deeply skilled in – and repeatedly executing – the end-to-end supply chain process (chevron representation, below), we know the procurement component of sourcing is critical. While the sourcing strategy of an enterprise sets the foundation and structure of purchasing, if the procurement processes are not […]

SDI Participating in September Events

SDI is excited to announce its participation at two significant events taking place in Brazil this September.  On September 1st, Carmen Castillo—Founder and CEO of SDI International—will join a select group of individuals at the Trailblazers Summit: Transformations in Sourcing from Women, in helping to establish a strategic plan that empowers women’s business enterprises to […]

Outperforming the competition

Good, better or best?  Higher or lower, faster or slower, effective or ineffective?  Whether it is comparative or superlative, how can businesses best gauge their performance against key competitors? By benchmarking. According to WebFinance’s reference site,, benchmarking is “a measurement of the quality of an organization’s policies, products, programs, strategies, etc., and their comparison […]

Here we go again

And again and again. The seemingly never-ending debate and decisive determination of whether a company’s independent contractors should be considered employees rather than, well, contractors rages on. Resulting from a very recent California Labor Commission ruling against Uber, the global car service and app that connects travelers with private chauffeurs, drivers are now recognized as […]