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Interview with SDI Vice President of Professional Services, Brendan Curran

Published March 28, 2024
Listening to the customer’s positive feedback is the greatest measure of success.
Brendan Curran
Vice President of Professional Services

What have you achieved in your career that you are most proud of?

Helping SDI grow and develop into a globally recognizable company is definitely what I am most proud of. We expanded from 3 countries to 20 countries and serviced our clients in over 70 countries. Our employee community has grown 1,500% larger from when I started at SDI.

What are the three most important things for you to establish a positive working environment?

First, it is essential to encourage employees to understand that we work as if we are not invincible; we all are not perfect, and we learn from our actions and proactively correct them. By understanding that we are not invincible, we become pretty close to being invincible. We promote a positive environment where our actions are perceived as the correct path toward learning and improvement.
Second, all the people who work at SDI have in mind that understanding our customers is the most important thing. Always. Our clients are critical to us, and they always come first.
Third, it is crucial for SDI to give people a voice and to listen. This creates a culture of inclusion and fosters employee engagement.

How would you measure success?

Listening to the customer’s positive feedback is the greatest measure of success.

How do you see the future of procurement in the next ten years?

AI and GAI will fundamentally shift how organizations will buy and partner with suppliers.
Technologies that support smart, cost-effective, and efficient supply chains will drive long-lasting value to our clients.

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