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Interview with SDI EMEA Contract Lead, Pilar González

Published May 20, 2024
Procurement forces you to think out of the box on many occasions.
Pilar González
EMEA Contract Lead

What is your role at SDI?

EMEA Contract Lead.

What drew you to a career in Procurement?

I wanted to take on new challenges, and certainly, the Procurement world offers lots of them. Every day is different and may vary from receiving new suppliers, an urgent request to be resolved, or any amendment to execute to existent contracts, etc. Procurement forces you to think out of the box on many occasions.

What attributes do you most value in people?

Respect, tolerance, and open-minded approaches, in general. Clear and effective communication, proactiveness, and being a team player.

What are your most useful and your most useless talents?

I would say that my most useful talents are my great attention to detail and my open-minded approach to any difficult situation.
With regard to my most useless talent, I have an innate talent to remember useless things very easily, such as song lyrics, outfits I wore at certain events in 1996, poems I learned in literature lessons at high school, etc.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself

When performing my daily tasks at work, I need to listen to ‘nature sounds’ such as waterfalls sound, singing birds, etc.

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