What is SDI?

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The Tiff over Tariffs

To tariff or not to tariff.  How much and applied to whom is the question.  Simply put, via Investopedia,” tariffs are used to restrict imports by increasing the price of goods and services purchased from overseas and making them less attractive to consumers.” While its intent is to protect domestic businesses by placing globally sourced imports at a disadvantage through […]


Ah, repercussions! If, like most proficient smartphone users, you have a plethora of mobile apps that facilitate your banking, communication, travel, and shopping needs you have undoubtedly been swamped with prompts to accept new privacy policies from your apps. Who to thank? The EU, actually.   Prior to the Facebook debacle, when news outlets exposed the misuse of […]

BIG DATA: Friend or Foe

Big Data has been getting ample attention lately, not necessarily all good.  Just last month I penned a piece on internet misconduct, using the recent Facebook misuse of user data, as an example. Not coincidentally, a spate of articles and opinions has ensued questioning the real value all this data provides to mankind. How popular […]

Bad Behavior

Once upon a time, the chances of a business or consumer being fleeced, financially, were smaller than in today’s hi-tech environment.  To be sure, bad actors have been plundering, thieving and murdering for centuries. (As an interesting –and historical- aside, an article in the Los Angeles Times details quite the whodunit claiming that a 430,000-year-old […]

Remember the Internet… and Lipstick?

The longing for simpler days. Nostalgia. You can’t go home again. You get the point. It wasn’t that long ago – perhaps the 1980’s – when billions of people had no exposure to the internet.  Now, according to Internet World Stats, a top provider of current world internet usage, over 4 billion users had tapped […]

The Evolving Dynamics of Hiring Practices

According to Wiktionary, a well-oiled machine is something that operates capably through the effective coordination of many parts. Macmillan Dictionary, a recognized international publisher of encyclopedias, takes it a step further by defining it as a well-oiled system, project, or company that operates without problems. In any case, these systems or machines rely on a […]

Supply Chain Gifts of 2018

Everybody loves numbers. Not necessarily numbers in the arithmetic, trigonometric or algebraic sense. Rather, the simple use of numbers in headlines is apparently an effective trigger to draw readers into perusing content organized numerically. And content that might be useful as well. So, in the spirit of songs such as The 12 days of Christmas […]

Mobile App Dependency

Imagine a world in which trauma is incurred due to the failure of an app.  Perhaps it is not so hard to envision should an incorrect medical diagnosis, due to faulty IT systems and data, result in personal harm. But, suppose the distress is suffered due to faulty pizza delivery information transmitted by a vendor’s […]

Baseball and Procurement: More in Common Than You Think

“Tis the season.  Post-season play continues for Major League (MLB) baseball as the final two teams have advanced and begun play in the World Series, the annual championship round of games endearingly referred to as the Fall Classic. While MLB doesn’t boast a lengthy history comparable to that of procurement process execution (1869 vs. almost […]