Simplicity at its best

Make a request, see it fulfilled. It's that simple.

Forget complex systems, we've created a singular system to handle your most complicated procurement needs

With our various technology deployments your requisitioning cycle is simple and efficient. By creating a platform that integrates every major procurement system, SDI has created an innovative tool that makes requisitioning labor, goods, and services simpler than ever. With user-friendly interfaces and simple, easy-to-use gestures, deliverables have never been so accessible.

What does it all mean? Simply put, our tech allows you to become larger than ever before without losing agility. You’ll spend less time in complicated systems, and more time fulfilling projects on a large scale.


In this case, one size does in fact fit all. With Corio, your stakeholders can seamlessly engage all of the technologies used within the procurement lifecycle via our SSO-powered gateway. Or pull up our quick forms to request support from vendors of services, labor, and goods. Have a question while working in the system—SDI support is available to chat in real time.

Corio automates all the work for you. Here’re a few S2P and P2P program elements you won’t have to worry about:

  • Aggregating and analyzing spend data
  • Managing contracts
  • Procuring/sourcing vendors
  • Managing suppliers
  • Handling overall tail spend management

Complete integration

SDI integrates with every major procurement platform—thereby increasing speed, usability, and performance of your procurement processes, from requisition/sourcing to reconciliation.


With an all-inclusive platform, your projects will move along faster, more efficiently, and with less dependence on administrative work—yielding cost savings and completed goals.

Cost savings

With all of your suppliers under one roof, your teams will have higher visibility into the purchasing cycle that will yield optimized flows and cost reductions.

Work Nexus

An aerial view of downtown Seattle’s financial district and waterfront shot from an altitude of about 600 feet.

Work Nexus is a vendor management system (VMS) that has been delivering sustainable cost savings and productivity improvements to customers since 1998. As a fully-customized, web-based and mobile application, Work Nexus is ideal for organizations seeking enterprise-wide visibility into contract labor, independent contractor, commodity and/or statement-of-work services.


When combined with SDI’s platform technologies, SAP takes another step toward becoming the go-to technology for today’s modern businesses. With SDI and SAP, you will experience streamlined processes that take your procurement and supply chain programs one step further into the future.