SDI is committed to strong and transparent corporate governance that ensures long-term, sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers. By building and implementing documented policies and auditable processes, we remain committed to our core values of customer-first service delivery and ethical business conduct. We have embedded these cornerstone values into our business delivery engine so that our output is honest, ethical, and transparent. Ultimately, SDI’s executives and senior management set the tone for all employees to follow and our employees drive that approach and philosophy down to our supply chain.

Executive Team

Carmen Castillo

President & CEO

Brendan Curran

Vice President of Professional Services

Global Suite of Directors

Belén Aguilar

Director of Procurement Operations - Based in South America

Katarzyna Anasinska

Director of Client Success - Based in Europe

Bonny Bracy

Director of Operations and Transformation - Based in North America

Emanuel Cristiani

Director of Finance and Globalization - Based in South America

Amy Ferris

Director of Integrations - Based in North America

Joaquín Morales

Director of Procurement Strategy and Delivery - Based in Europe