Automation and scalability

SDI builds and implements an automated, scalable non-strategic/tail-end (NST) delivery platform that saves cost and lessens work for your teams.

Our global platform works quickly and eliminates unnecessary burdens, allowing focus to be placed on a customer’s mission, and offers customizable solutions for managing suppliers, ensuring all policies are adhered to, correct accounts are billed, and all parties understand future goals.

We needed a simple, integrated technology solution that our buyers could use to engage our non-strategic suppliers – SDI’s MyConcierge automation met and exceeded that need across our global enterprise.

Fortune 100 Customer

Driving value through technology

SDI has built an enterprise level, technology platform that supports  a host of elements through our custom Integrator Program:

  • Buy Desk
  • Operations Desk
  • Procurement Help Desk
  • Contract Management (Customer and Supplier Integration)
  • Supplier Enablement with e-Signature
  • Customer Facing Ordering Portal
  • Supplier Facing Portal/Marketplace

This suite of SDI proprietary and third party tools are seamlessly bundled under SDI’s “MyConcierge ” delivery platform.  The global  platform can be configured to meet specific customer program needs.

Inclusion procurement platform (IPP)

SDI believes in bridging the gap between relationship building, contractual engagement, goods/services delivery and supplier growth & development of a diverse supply base.

Working with our customers’ supplier diversity teams, SDI’s IPP takes our S2P program to the next level by transforming non-critical supply chains into sustainable value chains.