Workplace safety is an imperative.  As we further highlight members of the exceedingly entrepreneurial and collaborative women of the Zenith Group, we are proud to present Julie Copeland, the CEO of Arbill.

copelandWhat: On the job safety solutions are a must have. Arbill, founded in 1945 and led by Temple MBA graduate Julie Copeland, is a premier North American manufacturer and distributor of industrial safety products, safety-related services and safety training programs. Partnering with its customers, Arbill builds a comprehensive culture of safety across their organizations. In addition to providing the essential personal protective equipment that ensures the safety of company workers, Arbill also offers a wide range of safety solutions, and tracks enterprise safety performance to provide seamless ongoing protection.

CEO since 2005, Copeland has driven Arbill’s strategic and expansive growth. She provides strategic direction, builds out the global manufacturing platform, evaluates emerging market opportunities and oversees all daily operations.  She expanded Arbill’s business to a national footprint, developed Arbill’s own safety product line – TruLine®, as well as establishing EH&S consulting – an educational service that today enables Arbill to embed safety practices in every step of every employee’s day.

As if providing national worker safety isn’t enough, Copeland is an enthusiastic participant in several organizations. She is a valued Board Member of Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and currently Chair of WBENC’s Forum.  Julie is also an active member of National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and The Committee of 200 (C200).

Kudos to Julie on being named by as the 2016 Top Woman-Owned Business in Pennsylvania and the 76th Top Woman-Owned Business in the United States, and one of the Top 100 Innovative Leaders of 2015 by Real Leaders Magazine.

Overcoming Obstacles: Hazardous worker conditions and equipment are intolerable to employers and employees alike. The slightest misstep can swiftly result in irreparable consequences. Yet, companies may often misjudge the complete cost of safety and don’t necessarily see the connection between the implementation of best practices and the actual procurement of safety related products. In fact, many companies simply view safety products as interchangeable commodities.

Until recently, their product-centric focus has not allowed Arbill to unlock the true value of providing safety solutions. Now, by fundamentally changing the way clients view safety procurement and implementation, Arbill ensures clients understand the total cost of safety, well beyond the line item costs of personal protective gear.

Encouraging Words from Julie:  “Respectful conversations can lead you through any issue you may face. Finding a way to collaborate through the best and worst of times creates a safe atmosphere to navigate to and from.”

This is the third of a series and we are honored to be profiling these exceptional leaders.