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Diversity2Diversity Program (D2D)

SDI’s D2D program is a mutually beneficial partnership, which focuses on the success of not only our customers, but also all participating suppliers. SDI deploys its web-automated D2D program to streamline and manage all of the processes associated with optimal supplier selection and utilization, providing a consistent set of screening and onboarding, off-boarding, and steady state management policies. Customers are unburdened of all administrative concerns, as SDI contractually manages all of the participants throughout their engagements.

For circumstances in which services are rendered by Small, Disadvantaged or Specialized Diversity-certified businesses whose diversity statuses fall outside of SDI’s recognized accreditations, we will implement our Direct Pay Process (DPP). Under the DPP, customers remit payments directly to the supplier, preserving Tier 1 spend status. This process is fully integrated into the D2D program and leverages all procedural safeguards and automation to ensure quality-rich service delivery.

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