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What sort of individuals work with SDI?

  • Decision makers that drive supply chain management and spend?
  • Talent acquisition specialists seeking to obtain first-class contingent labor candidates?
  • Executive-level officers that shape strategic organizational policy and direction?

The answer is simple.  SDI engages individuals in your organization across multiple business verticals in an effort to produce both hard and soft cost savings.  These savings are generated through specific engagements or program-wide initiatives such as process consolidation and refinement, and adherence to aggressive pricing models.

From these cornerstone practices, we build and implement programs for our customers that adapt to fluxing market conditions, grow with the needs of your organization, and produce real value.

If we can confidently say we have improved your business sustainability platform, then we have done our job.  And while it is easy to utter these words, the key is in the execution.

Customers engage SDI to manage their processes and productivity from internal and external perspectives.  This is beneficial not only to our customers—as it standardizes operations and generates efficiencies—but also to the suppliers who are better equipped to deliver services in a more unified manner.

The end result of SDI’s efforts will set your organization on a forward-looking trajectory that capitalizes on sustainable corporate development, corporate social responsibility, and reinforced financial strength.

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