Business Sustainability. Sustainable Results.


Building a successful company is a lot like tuning a high performance sports car.  All of the components have to work in unison in order to deliver a vehicle that operates at peak efficiency and outpaces the competition.

Since August 24, 1992, SDI International has been building the foundation for a highly efficient outsourcing solutions company that has a global footprint and pushes the boundaries of the business marketplace.

During SDI’s more than 20-year history, the company’s president and CEO, Carmen Castillo, has led the organization through a transformative journey that has molded the business into one of the largest, most successful minority- and women-owned enterprises in the world.  Her fingerprint is emblazoned on every facet of the organization and it is because of her resolve that SDI has grown into an organization that manages approximately $3 billion in annual spend.

In addition to SDI’s business activities, the company also takes pride in nurturing diversity relationships in an effort to reinforce and grow the entrepreneurial fabric of our economy.

Whether it is providing innovative procurement solutions that respond to changing market conditions, implementing leading-edge programs and services, or delivering sustained cost savings for customers, SDI has the horsepower to provide its partners with sustainable and scalable results.

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