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About SDI

Are you asking yourself, “What does SDI International do?” The answer is both simple and decidedly complex.

On the surface, SDI empowers businesses to realize tangible cost savings through scalable productivity improvements. Our scalable services integrate into your existing portfolio to drive efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary waste. SDI gives you the tools to achieve mission critical functions that produce bottom line growth and strengthen your business model.

We are a global firm that specializes in procurement process outsourcing, managed service programs (MSPs), independent contractor compliance programs, business process outsourcing, and project management. Our dedicated delivery team works tirelessly to design, develop, and execute processes and programs that create synergies across your footprint. It is often said that we aren’t the car; we are the parts that make the car move forward.

Our network of expansive service locations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a globally recognized supplier of procurement and workforce solutions, SDI is uniquely positioned to meet all of your domestic and international business needs.  During our more than 20-year history, SDI has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients and we will continue to expand our geographical footprint in the months and years ahead.

Whether a short- or long-term engagement, SDI is a certified U.S. minority – and women-owned corporation that is uniquely positioned to deliver tangible cost savings and aid your businesses in realizing its full potential.

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