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How do you know if your business partners are adding value to your bottom line?

The gauge for SDI’s success is measured by the operating efficiency and financial health of your organization.  When we are doing our job correctly, you are exceeding organizational benchmarks, corralling supply chain spend, capitalizing on operational synergies, and realizing tangible returns that are reflected in your bottom line.

Since 1992, SDI International has been more than a business partner; we are a global, full-service workforce solutions company that provides creative global procurement outsourcing, managed service programs, independent contractor compliance programs, and talent acquisition services to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Rather than presenting you lists of cookie cutter offerings, SDI recognizes that the nuances of your business processes drive our interactions with your company.  We listen to your organizational issues, and offer creative process improvements that will strengthen your business and position you for sustainable growth.

Our proven, dedicated delivery team has more than 20 years of industry experience developing cost saving programs and scalable productivity enhancements.  When we say we are going to deliver on a job, we do everything in our power to not only meet expectations, we exceed them.

In addition to providing unmatched services, SDI is a leading certified U.S. Woman and Minority-Owned Corporation that is recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC).  SDI is also acknowledged by WBENC’s regional partner organization, the Women’s Business Development Center in Florida, and in the cities of New York, NY and Atlanta, GA.

As one of the fastest growing Hispanic businesses in the United States, SDI’s minority and woman-owned status allow customers to increase M/WBE spend and engage with an organization that understands the importance of giving back to the community through mentoring minority firms.

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